Sustainability Initiatives

The critical financial situation that we are presently facing as an Organisation is of huge concern and the delays in the income streams have compounded the cash flow challenges. We would have to strategize on an urgent Financial Recovery Plan with the new Governing Board and leadership in order to sustain our services.
In an effort to diversify our income streams and through several sustainability initiatives we engage in discussions with the Department of Health, Department of Social Development, Durban Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Call Centre South Africa, COGTA – Tribal Authority, and many more stakeholders that have displayed a keen interest in the services rendered by DCMH.

To Ensure Sustainability and Growth of The Organization We Have Committed To:

• Management at Risk
• Monitoring and nurturing of our present income stream
• Developing new sources of income stream
• Responding effectively and timeously to transformational opportunities
• Consumer advocacy to empower consumers to become change agents.
• Economic empowerment
• Capacity building of human capital
• Accountability mechanism.