Mr. S.C. Mkhize

Board Chairperson

Mr. S.K.T. Majola

Deputy Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson HR & Remco, Chairperson Nominations Committee

Mr. L.G. Khawula (CA)

Treasurer, Chairperson Audit & Risk Committee

Adv. T.M.I. Yengwa

Secretary, Chairperson HR & Remco

Dr. N.B. Nyawose (PhD)

Deputy Secretary, Member of the Clinical Committee

Dr. I.S. Chonco

Board Member

Adv. N.G. Phambuka

Board Member, Chairperson Investment Committee

Mr. P. Nzimande

Board Member, Member of the Investment Committee

Mr. S. Mtolo

Board Member, Chairperson Clinical Committee