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Call us for any questions

031 456 7889

Welcome to Durban Coastal Mind Health

Who We Are

Established in 1940, Durban & Coastal Mental Health(DCMH) is one of SouthAfrica’s longest serving & largest Non-profit Organisation, working for the care & rehabilitation of persons with mental disabilities

Our services are implemented across 14 districts, from Mandeni in the north, Umkomaas in the south and inland as far as Hammarsdale. We actively work with the community to achieve the highest possible level of Mental Health for all.

We render a holistic, integrated and comprehensive package of services comprising of 7 Residential Care Centres for 341 residents with mental disabilities, 8 Challenge Protective Training Workshops where we train 790 Service Users, 7 Day Care Centres for 191 children with Intellectual Disabilities and through our 2 Social Work Regions, we reached out to 68 183 beneficiaries. Our black beneficiary reach is 99% and 35% of our beneficiary reach is in deep rural communities, demonstrating our commitment to unlocking the potential of people living in under-developed communities.

In the current year, through our 24 projects, we have achieved a community reach of 69 505 beneficiaries.

Our Mission

We actively work with the community to achieve the highest possible level of mental health for all by:

  • Enabling people to participate in identifying community mental health needs and responding appropriately.

  • Developing equal caring services for people having difficulty with everyday life, and those with Intellectual Disability and Psychiatric Disability.

  • Creating public awareness on mental health issues.

  • Striving for the recognition and protection of the rights of individuals with Intellectual Disability and Psychiatric Disability

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a dynamic movement, which serves as an effective resource to empower people to attain optimal mental well-being and quality of life in a just society.

Help Us To Provide For Those Who Are In Need

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  • The Community Outreach Programme can become more than just the simple act of serving. It takes small steps to create big change and this is what DCMH hopes to achieve.

  • To accomplish this objective, DCMH appeals to the Provincial House of Leaders for their partnership to provide these services within deep rural communities.

  • There has been an increasing demand for mental health services within rural communities; however this has been neglected.

  • The lack of education and awareness has resulted in the widespread stigmatization of persons with mental disability.

  • Disability sets people apart, and imperfect laws, policies and practices continue to entrench their exclusion and inferiority. with only 4% of the national health budget being allocated to mental health, human rights and dignity seem to be unachievable for mental health care users.

  • The growing concern of stigma towards mental health care users requires urgent intervention as persons displaying mental health symptoms are mistaken for being bewitched or under the curse of witchcraft.

  • DCMH is determined to eradicate this misconception by offering various awareness campaigns to a deserving community.

  • The expansion of the outreach programme to rural communities will ensure that every family is kept up to date on every aspect of Mental Health Services. We aim to achieve an inclusive environment to the community at large.

  • Our qualified and well trained team of social workers will strive to provide this much needed service to communities that cannot afford to commute to health facilities or cannot afford to get private care.

  • The level of service rendered by our team of professionals, is of high standard .